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Monday, December 14, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Screen caps Glamorous Temptation Episode 14

Short recap...

Hyung Woo was able to stop Il Joo from perhaps jumping from the building. It seemed that it was her initial plan but she decided to live after all. She realized Hyung Woo used her and even if he somehow denied that he never loved her, she knew better than to be fooled. Well I think it's time that she woke up from her illusions. She was the one who was so emotionally attached to him that she never thought that he could be just staying by her side for revenge. I don't like Il Joo and I think it is about time that she suffer knowing he loves Eun Soo all this time.

Eun Soo however almost met a disastrous accident. Fortunately, she was saved by the Prime Minister's secretary who followed her. She woke up at the hospital, the Prime Minister by her side. She was disoriented at first but she remembered Mi Rae was missing. The Prime Minister was suspecting the anonymous caller of Eun Soo to be the one behind the plot of harming her. The old man was concerned for her despite his initial doubt on her and the motive behind her appearance in his life. There was doubt concerning Hyung Woo as the one behind her, using her for revenge, for getting information about his slush finds, but he was not sure.

Meanwhile Mi Rae was already home with lots of gifts. I am not sure if Il Joo's husband Moo Hyuk was a part of the scheme to make Eun Soo panicking about Mi Rae. He was a scary and crazy person after all and Mi Rae is surely not safe to be with him. It was a relief that the girl was safe and sound.

Kwon Soo Myung, Moo Hyuk's father was pissed off that Eun Soo got away. He was the one behind the plan to kill Eun Soo. He was the one who made her work at the Prime  Minister house after all. Another two faced character and Prime Minister has yet to discover his duplicity.

Hyung Woo learned about what happened to Eun Soo. The Prime Minister told him about how she was attacked as soon as she left working at the house, trying to see if Hyung Woo had anything to do with it. But Hyung Woo was just as concerned for Eun Soo. 

Il Joo once again opened her safe and took out the original documents. She made a bargain with Hyung Woo's mother, Young Ae about helping them to get revenge. She already let the older woman know that she knew from the start that she was brought at the big house to be an insurance. She said that she will also give the slush funds to Young Ae.

Hyung Woo told Eun Soo that Il Joo knew the truth. That he used her for 15 years to plot a revenge against her father. But he still gave Eun Soo assurance that all is well between them. Hyung Woo is not letting her go.

It's ironic now that Il Joo became a little more accommodating to her husband. She received the flowers he brought her. It seemed that she was plotting something, perhaps going to use him for some plan.

It's now confirmed that the Prime Minister was more than concerned for his secretary, Eun Soo. He came at her place just watching her from afar. The old man was acting like he is attracted to her but it is not sure though. Maybe she reminded him of his past love that';s why he was acting this way.

It's funny how both siblings, Il Do and Il Ran both went to see Eun Soo to ask her to work at the house again. Both have different agenda of course.

Hyung Woo was now determined to gather the information he has and go to the Prosecutors. He could not wait any longer. He also now found out the voice behind the calls made to Eun Soo. It sounded Il Do. Young Ae saw him looking at ledgers and found out that he would soon expose the Prime Minister. 

Young Ae went to see Il Joo and asked help. They have to stop Hyung Woo. At that time, the Prime Minister who has no appetite at home appeared at the restaurant Eun Soo was working. He ask for a meal. After serving the old man,, she did not linger on his table. She received a call from Young Ae telling her Hyung Woo got caught by the Prime Minister about getting revenge on him. 

It was then that Eun Soo decided to save Hyung Woo herself by leaving in haste to get the coordinate documents that she copied first when she was tasked to get them at a safety deposit box. She was hurrying to the prosecutors office when some men informed her that Hyung Woo was in danger.

She saw Hyung Woo tied at a chair. He was caught by the Prime Minister inside the vault taking photos of the ledgers. He was caught in the act of gathering evidences. She went to Hyung Woo. The Prime Minister arrived.


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