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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Screen caps Glamorous Temptation Episode 16


Eun Soo was tasked to look at the accounting book of the Foundation and found out that money had been transferred and that the book was tampered. She first told Hyung Woo about it because it concerned his mother. He asked her to wait. He consulted with his mother and not knowing that the Prime Minister was listening through a device, his mother asked Hyung Woo to make Eun Soo lie. She was going to be used. But then, it was not the whole conversation because Hyung Woo was not in favor of his mother's plan which the Prime Minister edited and made it looked like the two were really going to use Eun Soo. It was the edited version of the conversation that she heard.

She doubted Hyung Woo which was the true intention of the Prime Minister. It's interesting to note that the old man was trying to make trouble between the two. For what ever reason, maybe personal, it was working.

Il Do denied being the one behind the voice who called Eun Soo about the coordinate book. He also did not know about the money that was supposed to have been received by his wife from Young Ae. For these, he was slapped buy his father which made him indignant, complaining he was already in his 50's to be treated that way. It was humiliation kin front of Eun Soo and the rest who witnessed the scene. 

Fortunately, for selfish reasons, and of course to save Hyung Woo, Il Joo saved his brother. She went to see the man who was working on the voice messages that Hyung Woo consulted. She learned that it was not really Il Do but more likely his voice was just being used.

Il Joo saw how the Prime Minister burned the documents. They gathered as the old man finally let those pieces of papers turn to ashes. He now believed that those documents were found in Eun Soo's bag and now vowed to make the person who did it pay for it.

Because of the misunderstanding concerning the transfer of funds in the gallery, Eun Soo and Hyung Woo also had misunderstanding. She does not want to deal with him anymore. Whatever progress their relationship had was immediately gone. Hyung Woo tried to reason with her but she was not listening. Eun Soo's mother finally learned who the ahjusssi her daughter and Mi Rae kept seeing. It was Hyung Woo. She scolded Eun Soo reminding her of what happened in the past and why their lives turned upside down.

Il Joo met with Hyung Woo in her office, telling him she was the one who saved him, now and even before when he was cornered by his father. She was trying to make him see that she would always be there for him even if he used her for revenge. But Hyung Woo was done with her. He was skeptical of her motives.

The best part of the episode was when Il Joo found out the three pages of the original documents that she was keeping oin her safe suddenly gone along with the music box [the sewing machine]. She knew who would steal it and of course, her husband gone missing. I think Moo Hyuk was the kind of villain [well, a villain that makes Il Joo's life hell] that brings interesting twist in the story particularly in Il Joo's schemes. Now someone will check on her, will make her let go of Hyung Woo and not bother Eun Soo in exchange for his silence about the documents. He is crazy yet intelligent enough to realize that it was Il Joo who put those documents in Eun Soo's bags in the past and made Hyung Woo's father die. The truth would be too much to expose now and it would finish Il Joo.

The funny thing was that Moo Hyuk sent the music box to Hyung Woo's office whihc made Il Joo ran after it. She was in time to see Hyung Woo holding the music box, a bit confused why it was sent back to him now and on the verge of opening the drawer where the supposed documents were kept.

The story is slow paced but I think each episode has it's own interesting highlights that makes the drama anticipating. The Prime Minister's actions towards Eun Soo is getting weird. He is silently following her, always wanting to know what's happening to her. Her relationship with Hyung Woo was falling apart and he is witnessing it all.

Glamorous Temptation is surely going to give the viewers the unexpected 
[for me it's expected already] twist in the coming episodes. Somehow, I want to see how it will all played out, how Eun Soo will fit in plot twist that's surely going to happen.

I am hoping for the OTP to end up in the end. This is going to be a long series and I will randomly update my thoughts on some episodes. Screen caps will be updated in each episode.


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