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Friday, December 18, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Park Bo Gum - The Cute, Innocent and Adorable Taek in Reply 1988

photos via Park Bo Gum's twitter
official twitter account for Reply 1988


This young actor has been catching a lot of attention in the drama series Reply 1988 with his cute character as Taek, the Baduk genius of the neighborhood where he grew up with supportive hyungs and the loud character of Hyeri as Deuk Sun along with their families.

At first I did not notice his silent character because he was portraying a much younger character besides the others. But as the drama develops, I noticed his cute side and after my heart broke because of early shipping between Sun Woo and Deuk Sun which failed, I wanted badly for Taek and Deuk Sun to end up even if my instinct already told me that the story would probably and most possibly go for Jung Hwan and Deuk Sun as the OTP.

I just love the pairing of Hyeri and Park Bo Gum in every scenes they have in the drama. Hyeri's character although most of the times loud, when it comes to Taek, she is like a noona, 
very caring and gets along with him. She could not resist him and his pleas even though she wanted to be pissed off just because she just could not.

Park Bo Gum's smiles melts mine and definitely the viewers. You just want to hug this young man every time he appears on the screens. And even though he appears young as Taek in the drama, when he speaks in a serious way, he looks matured and commanding, which I think is what's really coming from the real person and not the character.

Although I  must say that all the characters are interesting and look fresh, the chemistry between these young actors are amazing.

Look at these smiles from their faces!
Park Bo Gum certainly captures my eyes, and he just can't help it even though all are also cute.

I think this scene was my favorite in the latest drama series where Taek looks more determined to show his affection to Deuk Sun even though Jung Hwan has been noticing it and feeling a bit low and affected.

Well, there's still a lot of episodes in the series and looking forward for more "Taek" scenes, alone or with Deuk Sun. Whatever the outcome of the romance, whoever Deuk Sun ends up with, I think I will be shipping her with Taek until the end.

[It's not that I dislike Jung Hwan because he has his good chemistry with Deuk Sun.]

I'm sure I have seen Park Bo Gum in another drama but honestly, this is where he really captured my attention.

Will be seeing him in his future projects.


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