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Sunday, November 1, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Glamorous Temptation Episode 5 Screen caps and Highlights

Il Joo's wedding proceed as planned.

 On the day of the wedding, Hyung Woo was present as well as Eun Soo who was serving food to the guest. She made a mistake when she bumped into someone and spill food on the floor attracting attention. 

That's when Hyung Woo saw her as well as his mother. She hurriedly walked away. I think it was humiliating to be seen by your first love in this kind of situation. But since Eun Soo has a strong personality, I am not sure if she felt humiliated during that moment. But she felt weak out of sight after the incident. Maybe mixed emotions coming to her seeing Sang Yi aka Il Joo kissing Hyung Woo just before her wedding.

It is not a happy occasion for Il Joo not only because she married a man she does not love but her siblings hate her. She looked pathetic after her half sister poured wine all over her white dress. While her brother was angry at her because of their rivalry in politics.

I am sure Hyung Woo has his own plans which are not known to his mother. His mother is also after revenge and urging Hyung Woo to be careful. If Hyung Woo is to be believed, he has feelings for Il Joo. But then, one can not be sure of his thoughts, though. Only Hyung Woo knew what runs inside his mind.

A bit of a revelation on the part of the elder or Il Joo's father. He was haunted by his past, by Il Joo's mother. Apparently, he loves her but she was taken away from him and he let her go in exchange for his political career. 

It seems that Il Joo's husband is a scary person. He hides his true  self to Il Joo but I think his family knows him well and his temper. 

He is in love or maybe obsessed with Il Joo. 

Eun Soo continues to receive calls from someone who is asking her to investigate more about her husband's death. 

She applied to be a maid in that house but on the first day, her dress looks the same with the wife of Il Joo's brother. That woman also came from a poor family and Il Joo's sister is making fun of her and the dress that looks the same. 

Eun Soo was slapped for it. The scene where Il Joo and her father witnessed. They saw her.

Il Joo or Sang Yi saw her.

a flashback from almost the same scenario....

This is really a compelling drama. I am loving the twist of the story. I am looking forward to how revenge will take place in favor of Eun Soo. I am also waiting for Il Joo's true face to be revealed because she is one cunning woman disguised as a good friend and a caring person to Eun Soo.


some more screen caps

Eun Soo searching about Il Joo in the internet

Il Joo's brother and his wife...

He wanted to have his father's support more than anything...

but he has to prove that he can defeat Il Joo.

Eun Soo's past is catching up again after meeting Hyung Woo and Sang Yi and the Elder. Then the man who keeps calling her about her husband's death. The documents she has still brings back bad memories.

Hyung Woo continue to work for Il Joo after her wedding...

Eun Soo's mother keeps on borrowing money which frustrates Eun Soo.

Tough life...

The elder is sick...
He may die anytime soon.

Conflict is getting intense...

I wonder about their trust to each other... Hyung Woo keeps on pacifying Il Joo and letting her believe he will always be by her side helping her get her dreams.

They have their own agenda..

while Hyung Woo seems to have his own.


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