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Friday, November 6, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Glamorous Temptation Episode 7 Screen caps and Highlights

A meeting that can not be helped happening between Hyung Woo and Eun Soo. A favor that can not be avoided at times like this.

Hyung Woo was bleeding but he would not got a hospital for proper treatment in case his cover might be found out by the Prime Minister. His life is at risk. He went with Eun Soo to her house for emergency treatment. He asked her not to say to anyone about the incident or he will die. He made her promise.

Of course, he knew she can be trusted. After all he knew her. And my assumption makes sense that Hyung Woo has not loved Il Joo even if he stayed with her all these years. Between Il Joo and Eun Soo I bet that he would come running to the latter if both asked for help.

Just like he is trusting her now.

The psycho husband still could not sleep with his wife. But until when will Il Joo deny him or not make him suspect her of having feelings towards another man.

When he could hear her talking about  Hyung Woo. Someone called her about Hyung Woo getting documents and acting weird. Then he could not be contacted after that. 

Fishy? You bet!

Hyung Woo can not  be reached through phone. So Il Joo called hi mother who thought Hyung Woo was sleeping already at home. But then she did not anticipate that Il Joo would check on him.

Eun Soo checking on Hyung Woo

Old feelings sure was coming back...

Il Joo could not sleep. She got up.

The elder was also not asleep, holding an eye glasses. 

Still searching for the mysterious man that was stabbed... but could not be found.

The elder talking about Eun Soo. She interests him. Because it was a puzzle why she showed up after all these years. He suspects her of a motive. Perhaps something damaging to him. That's why he is letting her stay close until he found out.

Eun Soo's mother saw her sleeping outside the room. She woke her up. She sneak a peek inside the room where she left Hyung Woo sleeping but he was not there anymore.

Hyung Woo already got out. But he could not totally go because there were men outside. It's surprising that they should be searching outside Eun Soo's house and in the vicinity. The man was the elder's aide.

Il Joo went to Hyung Woo's room and he was not there sleeping as his mother assumed. She was wondering where he was. When she got back her husband was also awake, drinking juice. She felt caught by her wanderings.

She had not noticed the way he acted or him suspecting her.

Hyung Woo went to see his mother and told her what happened. She asked where he got treatment but he lied to her. He did not tell her he went to Eun Soo's house.

A candy in his pocket reminded him a part of the night when he was at Eun Soo's house. While sneaking to go away quietly, he saw Eun Soo sleeping just outside where he was. He stared at her tired form. A child saw him. Her daughter.

Outside he made her promised not to tell about him staying at the house. The girl gave her candy.

Next morning, Il Joo came without announcing first to his room. He was not finished dressing but he had just enough time to hide his wounds from her.

An unannounced visitor

I could not help not liking Eun Soo's mother. She is so insensitive most of the times. Her actions made Eun Soo awkward and sorry when she brought her daughter to the Prime Minister's house. After all it was a work place and not just any house.

The time to get back at Eun Soo

at the expense of her innocent daughter. Se Young was loving the moment showing the little girl just how pathetic her mother is.

But being a maid is not something to be looked down because it is a job and not something to be ashamed of. What Se Young did was make Eun Soo feel so little as she stepped on Eun Soo's ego in front of her daughter.

So evil.

Somewhat hilarious that Eun Soo's mother did not realized that the gardener was the Prime Minister himself!

Meddlesome, that's what she is.

Eun Soo's daughter told Se Young she hates her. What's irritating is that she as the older one should not have made the child feel more pity to her mother as the servant in the house. But then, Se Young has no sense at all.

Eun Soo saw them talking and how her daughter was crying. As a mother she was protective of her child and that is understandable. 

But it led to a bit of pushing which Eun Soo did not really wanted to happen. Se Young fell some back and hurt herself [maybe a bit only] but of course, it was her chance to get rid of Eun Soo or to pay her back.

All through out this scene, Hyung Woo was there witnessing every thing.

Eun Soo will have a hard time proving the accusations wrong. She would be in jail.

The investigation was taking long.

When Eun Soo's mother left the child alone to find out what's taking so long, Hyung Woo arrived then. The girl asked his help just like when her mother let her sleep at their house. These revelations was unfortunately heard by Il Joo who was also there at that time.

A knife was struck inside her heart with this statements from the child. A secret Hyung Woo held from her. He lied about where he was the night she was looking for him, only to find out he was with Eun Soo.

Hyung Woo would do anything for Eun Soo.

even if he had to betray Il Joo and come to Il Do with documents he got from her office that would incriminate her from some serious crimes. 

But there's a condition to his actions of serving Il Do.

Prime Minister being told that Eun Soo might be indicted.

Something that he as pondering about if it would be better for her after all. He needed to find out her knight in shining armor.

Eun Soo got out. She went home the next day. her daughter was crying thinking it was all her fault. But as a mother she pacified her child and told her that she did not do anything wrong.

Eun Soo got her job. She apologized to Il Do's wife. But then, Il Ran favored her too much. She announced to everyone how she likes her and that she will be on her side particularly if her sister-in-law says any thing to her.

Eun Soo thought Il Joo helped her. She was so thankful to the wrong person. Il Joo did not waste time to let Eun Soo knew about her and Hyung Woo eloping and getting married but caught by her father. She told her how Hyung Woo almost died because of her. She made Eun Soo believe that he really loves her.

Again, Il Joo is being petty and cunning.

Or maybe what she said was true, but I really doubt it.

Another instance where Prime Minister thought he was seeing Il Joo's mother. But in reality it was Eun Soo.

Another mistake on his part. Something that confused him. She confused him. Why did he always remember Il Joo's mother every time he saw Eun Soo?

Eun Soo offered to make him bibimbap again. But after tasting it, he did not finish it.

Eun Soo staring again at the photo of her husband with the elder.

Il Joo's father-in-law, Kwon Soo Myung is more powerful than the Prime Minister. Il Do met with him.

I could not actually understand this scene. Why they met. What could be their game?

The secretary of Il Do went to Il Joo and told what Hyung Woo did. What was Hyung Woo's request?

Clearly a betrayal. And because of....Eun Soo?

Eun Soo asked Hyung Woo about the code but he just ripped them. She was aghast when he did that. She somehow told him that he could be in danger, too.  He asked if someone inquired about him.

They could not agree on anything. He wanted her out, she also told him to go out of the house if he feels threatened. Something is not clear between them. Something she wants to know but he would not help her. 

In the end she told him to be a stranger to her just as he would be to her.

Hyung Woo was called by the Prime Minister. It was already anticipated because of what he did to Il Joo by coming to Il Do.

Ironically, Eun Soo served the beverages silently. No one was acknowledging her.

Il Joo arrived.

Not in a good mood. She intentionally bumped her shoulders to Eun Soo's not apologizing and not also greeting her. Well she was pissed after all of what she learned. Angry, insecure and jealous.

She slapped Hyung Woo!

The writing is captivating. Not fast paced but the pace is just right. The twists are not predictable as now. Hyung Woo's thoughts are still hidden. He alone knows what's inside his head. Inside his heart.


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