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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF Six Flying Dragons Episode 5 Highlights

A new Ddang Sae [or will be known as Lee Bang Ji later] has come. Someone who did the task of eliminating Baek Yoon, one of the greedy ministers of Goryeo. He heard his name from Sambong years ago, and now that he has the strength and the ability, he did what he had to do to fulfill a dream.

Ddang Sae's identity was not yet revealed to anyone. No one knows who he is, where he came from. He was an unknown fighter. His skills were recognized and noted. There were few who are really great swordsman and he as the one who killed Baek Yoon's bodyguard are buzzing around. Some thought it was Gil Tae Mi who is also known for his amazing skills. They even suspected him for he was always in conflict with Baek Yoon. But Gil Tae Mi was also puzzled who the assassin was.

Of course, Gil Tae Mi denied every thing.

Hong In Bang was thinking of Sambong but then again he was not sure because after Sambong's exile, he was not to set foot in the capital. He needed to investigate further.

Lee In Gyum was asking around. He went to a gisaeng's house and ask Cho Young if she knows something. As a gisaeng, she has the ability of knowing ahead current rumors. It was like she has her own intel that she uses to sell. Information in exchange for perhaps money and a bit of power.

But she was also perplexed.

Monk Jukryong is another one who knows a lot of information. He stays at a temple. Hong In Bang always rely on his intel. But like Cho Young, he has no idea of who the assassin was. 

But what he said caught Hong In Bang's attention. Rumors fly fast and Monk Jukryong had a hunch that the assassin may be not associated by politics.

Hong In Bang told him to asked around and gather more information. He also asked him to look for Sambong.

Since Bang Won had followed the assassin, he now knew of the plan and why Baek Yoon was killed. It was a letter telling someone that killing Baek Yoon had been done. The one who wrote the letter and left it ws asking what should he do next, as if he knew the one who was behind this secret plan will show up or tell him more.

Bang Won got to know who this assassin was.

Like Gil Tae Mi, who also investigate how the incident happened. He questioned possible witnesses. Some had told him what they knew.

While Bang Won just listened cautiously and silently at the side. I think at this point he has been living in low profile since he got a reputation. I guess his conflict with teacher Hong In Bang made him a bit popular with his arrogant and stubbornness.

Even Gil tae Mi had suspected him of being the one because apparently he is also good in swords fighting and of course known as son of Lee Seung Gye, the general.
But a new name or code name has been spoken.

Venomous Magpie

Rumors has it that this venomous magpie appears every time where there are Japanese and fight with them. It was like he was the new hero. Gil Tae Mi did not dismiss the rumor.

Well, he should not, because this unknown fighter is one amazing swordsman.


this seems to be familiar.

Gab Boon has also matured into a beautiful young lady. Remember the child who piggy back an infant then? Yes this is her now. But what's interesting was that she seems to be in a company of someone pretending to be a story teller about the venomous magpie. of course, we already know his identity as Ddang Sae. I was curious how they both stayed together through the years while Boon Yi seems to be not with them.

In this gathering, she was the front act of the story teller, then the masked man [Ddang Sae] will continue to arouse the curiosity of the people gathered there. 

Moo Hyul was one of the people attracted to listen. Well, he saw Gab Boon and it was as if he was entranced by her beauty, Like I already posted previously, Moo Hyul was a bit of a fool and gullible. As of now, he has learned the art of fighting, I think.

Bang Won and his bodyguard JoYoung Gyoo also went there to gather more information about the venomous magpie. The story teller seems to know a lot about venomous magpie.

It's good to have some fun and comedic inputs in the story. It makes it even more captivating.

Gab Boon was being harassed by some men who wanted to get the day's earnings. Moo Hyul was in between exercising his ability and the promise not to fight from his master because it was not yet the right time.

But Gab Boon was holding on to him, like she found her hero. It was a choice of either fighting or hold on to his promise.

But then, could he resist this beauty?

And so he fought with these men, not realizing his strength. Even the passers by and witnesses were awed by his capability. He finished off the fight with only a long stick as his weapon.

He went home to be scolded by his master.

Ddang Sae who was still in disguise was sought by Bang Won. He was asked about the venomous magpie. At this point I am not sure if Dddang Sae recognized Bang Won from when they were young because of the bodyguard or that he remembered him from the night they passed each other after he killed Bae Yoon.

Hong In Bang is being greedy. He is talking with other politicians about raising the tax so that even after they give the PM his shares, there will be left for them.

But the thing is, the people are already paying up to 80 percent and it is already too much. But because this politicians are also greedy, they agree to a 90 percent tax particularly to Yiseo county. Hong In Bang would soon raise to power by the alliances he formed with this group.

Boon Yi finally appeared in the story...

She was apparently the leader of this farmers. She was the one who told them to farm this land without the government knowing. 

It was a strategy she learned form Sambong when she sought him. He told her to cultivate the land and for sure it would be theirs when the right time comes.

Before they parted he gave her something [a wooden doll?]. He told her that if she feels lost again this thing can be use to find him again.

The time to harvest has arrived. But then the same people sent by greedy official [Hong In Bang] arrived and they were caught with what they did. These people did not only wanted to get their harvest, they even killed the poor farmers when some fought with them.

Boon Yi was caught in the fight. It was a repeat of what happened years ago. People died and these men don't give a damn.  It was heart wrenching. It was frustrating.

While some who survived the fight traveled in the mountains, Japanese pirates cornered them and captured them. Moo Hyul saw them and followed them.

That same time, the horses of these two were missing. They tried to find them and in doing so also saw the Japanese pirates in the vicinity which baffled them. Jo Young Gyoo knew they were not really Japanese but pretending to be one.

Moo Hyul sneaked closer to the barn where he knew something fishy was going on. He tried to see what's inside. Bang Won already caught him then and asked him about it. They suspected him but he denied.

He was not one of them. He was only getting wood. But he told him about hearing screams from the bags these pirates hide inside.

A Plan

They have to disguise themselves as merchant, with bodyguards. They will try to deal with the pirates in order to rescue what's inside the bags. A plan that should be easy to execute after counting the pirates.

After negotiating with the pirates, one of the bags were carried out and someone bit Bang Won hard.
It was Boon Yi. She was so feisty. She bit him again, angrily.

Of course, Moo Hyul who only wanted to pacify the angry girl blurted out about their plans. 

Oh oh... plan busted!

In order to buy some time, he dangled more reward in front of their noses. He even pretended to be Lee In Gyeom's son.

At that time Moo Hyul showed his expertise. He was holding Bang Won's sword and that seems to give him more strength. 

The little girl died. Along with other people who died, they buried the dead.

Bang Won and Boon Yi

He was right to tell her what they did was against the law. But then he never truly understand how it was to live each day without enough food, and then having their food stolen from them. He comes from noble family. 

This was actually a surprise. 
Showing how feisty Boon Yi's character was. Well she was always this way since they were young.

Her revenge was something not really ordinary.
She just burned the storage where their harvest was being kept. If they can not eat them, no one can, too.

Bang Won was smitten! Totally!

The 5th dragon arrived.

Boon Yi will be Bang Won's girl interest in the story. I wonder about their love lines?

Both have good chemistry. Both characters are feisty. Both stubborn. It sure would be an interesting romance amidst the political change that will soon hit Goryeo.


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