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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF Six Flying Dragons Episode 4 Highlights

Each episode shows who will be the next dragon that will awaken to complete the six dragons that were the foundations of the new Joseon. 

I think they would be best known as the patriots of their time.

In the previous episode, Bang Won [Yi Bang Won/Lee Bang Won] has made a choice. To not tolerate evil acts but to be just. But in order to be one, he had to let go some of his goodness to take action on what he thinks is right and just. Hong In Bang was a great disappointment to his young mind after all the principles and philosophies he had inflicted in the scholars minds, only to be found out the one doing exactly the opposite by conniving with Gil Tae Mi.

Maybe it's power that Hong In Bang coveted knowing he could  not win against the enemies.

Is the saying "if you can't win them, join them" be accurate in regards to his actions?

Ddang Sae will be the next dragon...

His fiery heart will awaken because of the injustice the government had been doing to the people. But in order to make him strong, a great ordeal will happen to his young life that will surely squeeze the hearts of the viewer.

He was searching for his mother. Or someone who knew his mother. Gil Seon Mi, apparently Gil Tae Mi's twin knew her. He was led to where he would find him, leaving his younger sibling Boon Yi alone.

But looking for Gil Seon Mi was dangerous because some men were also looking for GSM. Ddang Sae cross paths with these scary men and not really knowing how dangerous it is to tell who his mother was, he spilled out his reasons of searching for Gil Seon Mi. He almost lost his life in the hands of these scary men upon dropping his mother's name. There really was a secret to how his mother lived and how the Princess who she served in the palace died in connection with her.

A good thing Gil Seon Mi arrived at the scene. Seeing him and knowing his reputation as a great swordsman, the men scurry off in a hurry. Guess they value their neck more than killing the boy.

Meeting Gil Seon Mi was a surprise because he did look exactly as Gil Tae Mi. Ddang Sae asked about his mother. GSM did knew her but when told that she died already, he argued that he was her child. It was mind bogling for GSM [and for Sambong, too] how this child could be Yeon Hyang's child.

GSM cautioned him not to tell about it just to anyone. He even asked him to forget about her and not talk about her in the future because it was dangerous. Ddang Sae realized the truth behind those words because those scary men were about to kill him after they heard his mother's name from him if not for GSM's arrival.

This was something that bothered GSM after learning they were not thieves. He knew then that this boy is in danger.

A bit far away from were they were, the old man who was once fought with Gil Tae Mi while looking for someone, [and realizing GTM was not GSM] he just felt the hunch and the presence of Gil Seon Mi in the vicinity. He went to find him. He really wanted to see him.

It was as if they had to fight at first sight to know if one was a foe or not. But the fight was even. Both are great swordsmen. They knew well how to handle the swords.

They introduced each other's name. The old man was somehow a fan of GSM knowing his reputation. But he was also a master when it comes to swords and fighting. He came from outside Goryeo. [China] He was looking at one of his former students who he heard died in the hands of another fighter. He just wanted to meet the man who killed his student.

Somehow, the rumor about it reached GSM and he had a hunch who did it. there are many groups of skilled fighter. 

But then he already killed the said swordsman who killed this old man's student.

He entrusted the child to this old man. He knew the child needs protection. But I wonder why he did not took the opportunity himself. He asked that the old master teach the child the art of fighting until he can be stringer by himself.

Of course, it was a request that has to be fulfilled between two great masters in the art of fighting. This was a kind of trust that speaks of integrity. Even if the old man think of it as an inconvenience, he had to fulfill his promise to GSM.

But then, Ddang Sae did not feel the need of protection or to be under this man's watch. He went home without telling the man.

A new character has been introduced in this episode.
Quite entertaining and a bit of a fool. But then, he already showed his strength as a young boy. I think his presence in the story will be fun looking at how he is. Gullible, I should surmise.

One of the many siblings in his households. Their halmoni [grandmother] can not support them any longer. She thought of something to make these kids survive using particularly Moo Hyul's strength.

She led them to one of the master's who will teach Moo Hyul the art of fighting. Offering him bits of foods they have, she made a deal with the master. Halmoni is a great talker. She has charisma to win the foolish heart of this master. Showering him with compliments on his achievements was the key actually to make him accept Moo Hyul and the rest as his students.

Boon Yi alone.
It has been awhile since her orabonie [brother] Ddang Sae left her. She was struggling to live every day hoping he would return.

Her wish came true. But I felt her longing as a child. It was hard to live alone not knowing if her brother will come back or  not. It's hard to know their mother "abandoned" them.

A new friend..
A new face...
A new character that will make Ddang Saeng's young heart fall in love.
Yeon Hee.

There was mutual liking between this young couple. Ddang Sae knew about it. As young as he was, he acted like a man to show his efforts and appreciation of Yeon Hee.

She even knew his heart and what's troubling him. She understands him and his worries. This makes them closer. But this was only a prelude to a bitter end...

Meanwhile, Lee In Gyum needs soldiers to fight with Japanese soldiers trying to pass the borders. But no one wanted to give him support. Of course, it would need a lot of money or finance to offer soldiers for their maintenance.

Greedy ministers don't want to have their wealth be wasted.

They all pointed out to Gil Tae Mi who was the right hand of the Prime Minister. But Tae Mi was also telling them how impossible it is for him to help because of mundane reasons.

In the end it was not resolved. The Prime Minister had no one to help him.

This was the time Hong In Bang was looking for. To initiate his thoughts to the Prime Minister as a way of helping him and at the same time to be someone the PM can trust. He suggested to use this war to gain more and lure the ministers/politicians who wants abundant lot in all of Goryeo to offer their help while being protected.

The land where Yeon Hee and Ddang Sae were are now being taken by the government. This man was bringing fear already and goosebumps to me. The people who live here, farm here, cultivate this land are now being told that the PM owns the land. They were using excuses like the soldiers will be protecting this land against the Japanese people.

The festival day...

This could have been a good and happy day for the people. But then the men Prime Minister sent to this place create havoc in the festivities. Fight erupted between these men and the locals. 

What's heart breaking....

was that Yeon Hee was captured by these men and Ddang Sae who was only then a young boy and has no power or means to defend her was held down  by his own fear for his life.

It was heart wrenching how he witnessed the barbaric ways they did to Yeon Hee. I think at this point, Ddang Sae was really not at fault for not doing anything. He could be dead if he charged towards them. It was already hopeless from the very beginning. It was hard to witness every thing. But he stayed.

Until Yeon Hee told him to go. It was the end for their young hearts and young hope for their future together. It was no one's fault but Yeon Hee could never be the same again. It was a hard ordeal that she went through and the memories of it will haunt them both if they stayed together. This was the scar Ddang Sae will carry for the rest of his life. The notion that he was not capable of protecting her. The lack of strength that he should have.

This will be the fire inside him that will burn until he finds the direction he must travel.

Many have died in the fight.

In his frustrations, Ddang Sae lose his mind for a second as he stalked one of the men who molested Yeon Hee. But in the midst of his anger, he saw this man's family...

He could have killed this man. But the crying old woman and child wavered his angry heart. He could not do it.

He wanted to give up. He thought that his weakness made him who he is. Incapable. But the old master arrived and saw him. It took him awhile to find Ddang Sae.

He saved Ddang Sae from death. It is not time for him to go. His journey is only beginning.

Time Jump

A few years passed, Bang Won seems to be not the same young boy that he was. It seems that he lived all these years in despair. He saw nothing has changed. But even though he is full of frustrations, he is still optimistic and waiting for change.

Drinking alone in one of the roofs...

He was looking over at how the son of Gil Tae Mi, Gil Yoo is still the same old bully in the neighborhood. It was a sight that brings back feelings of despair at how he, Bang Won could only look and not be able to do anything about it.

But then...

someone arrived to change everything. To make him, Bang won believe that there is hope.

A new assassin...
Someone capable of killing the trash of society like Baek Yoon and his popular swordsman. Someone who was not afraid. Someone skilled in the art of fighting.

In three strokes, he killed Baek Yoon's bodyguard. A fight that was worth watching. And Bang Won witnessed every thing from where he was.

Bang Won was so impressed and intrigued. He went down to pass the mysterious man and also have a glimpsed of his face.

Did the assassin recognized Bang Won?

Bang Won followed the assasin until he was led to a secret cave. Inside he saw writings about Joseon, A secret place where he saw a new vision for his rotten country.

Somehow this place warms his heart. It made him hoped again. This was what he had been waiting for, longing for....

The 4th dragon has awakened...

Ddang Sae

As compelling as this one, the anticipation of watching the next episode is so high. The writing of the story has yet to disappoint me. The path these dragons are taking are different but somehow at the end of the road, they are being connected by one purpose.

To bring justice.
To be the next heroes.
To be the next pillars of new Joseon society.


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