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Monday, November 2, 2015

Updating Takes Time....

For a k-drama lover like me, I do watch almost all currently airing dramas. If only I have ten pairs of hands, maybe I will be posting screen caps or thoughts on all of them. But I sometimes want to just enjoy the dramas. With errands here and there, with personal things to do outside K-world, my time is not mine alone.

But one thing I am thankful are the visitors who come here in my page and although there are other legitimate blogs or sites, some are still passing by. Really grateful, chingus!

For now, like my message posted on the left side of this page, I am currently updating 6 dramas. I am really trying to update each drama with gif or screen caps and some thoughts or review about them. It will take time to catch up even though I have watched all aired episodes already.

For those who are often here, my efforts are worth it knowing you perhaps appreciate them. Some even leave messages even on old dramas posted.

It has been 6 years since I started a blog...
and this has been my passion that brings smile because I know we share the same interest.
Happy to be a k-drama addict!

Have a good day always.


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