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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Cheer Up Episode 5 Screen caps and Highlights

What I like in this drama is that it's a but fast paced when it comes to romance. Kim Yeol already found himself amused by Yeon Doo. He is showing signs of being interested. And the cute part is that he is not trying to suppress what he feels.

Did the kiss really happened?

It would be surprising if it really happened early in this stage. But the scene let the viewers ponder more or wait for what actually took place in this scene. 

This is fun!
When you thought these bunch of teens are just having fun....

but found out that they did some exploring like drinking themselves to the point being tipsy.

Guess it is not a good sight to see them like these especially when they also have to return to their dorms that same night. They all could be looking for trouble.

On the way back to school...

they are all spent! Guess the alcohol sapped some of their energy.

Kwon Soo Ah is not feeling good either. I wonder why Dong Jae always notices Soo Ah? Could there be a love line ahead for these two?

Of course, Yeon Doo and Yeol sitting side by side. She was too sleepy, her head kept lolling sideways which made Yeol smile for some reasons. He finds her cute, that's why.

A sudden incident happened. Guess everyone was tired that this tiny accident happened.

Even if she told them to stay put, these kids did not heed her words. They stretched out of the van, some wanting to pee.

After sometime, they get back inside, this time Ha Joon sat on the other side of Yeon Doo. Back to sleeping her head swayed sideways every now and then. It's cute how Ha Joon wanting to smile and be comfortable with her head leaning on his side but maybe he just does not want to accept the fact that his heart already melted towards Yeon Doo's warmth and friendship.

Dong Jae noticed Soo Ah missing.

Where was Soo Ah?

On her own, she wandered away, not realizing she was gone too long and that her colleagues might be alarmed. But she was in a trance. Her feelings were all so mixed, guilt and fright all at the same time. She was really suffering alone but then only she could help herself. Her wrong doings are catching up on her.

Teacher Yang Tae Bum was disturbed by the call from Nam Jung Ah, the cheer dance teacher. She needs him for this kind of incident.

Students were anxious of the coming curfew and they all want to go back not really affected if Soo Ah is missing. They were telling the teachers that they would have to take responsibility if they were caught.

Yeon Doo did not control her thoughts. She may be pissed with Soo Ah but she won't go unless she was found out. Well, they are after all a team and they should care for one another. Yeon Doo is a true leader.

Cute Yeol just staring at her while she warned every one there. Always amused by her, whatever she does or say.

I guess someone like her who is also undergoing difficulty with a parent would know where to find her. Out of all the students, Ha Joon could relate to her and what she  is going through. But the difference, Ha Joon may understand her but not really interested or care about her. He just want to go home at peace and without further accident.

Yeol and Yeon Doo doing the search...

She sprained her ankles again.

While Soo Ah is still trying to find herself...

Piggy back!
A k-drama cliche but always makes a viewer's heart flutters with this kind of scene. It never gets tiring to see OTP doing a piggy back.

Time to go back...
finally Soo Ah came back with Ha Joon, not even sorry for the alarm she caused.
Okay, so maybe I will also let it go knowing you are having a hard time.

At school....

To let the kids get back inside Nam Jung Ah distracted this pair with her acrobatic performance that put them in confusion so early in the morning!

The principal found out that someone has reported them to the Education Office about the specs they are doing to help some honor students. And they have a hint who that faculty member who spilled it.

Did they kiss or not?
A bugging question that makes Yeon Doo wants to find out from Yeol. But this cute boy is not telling her the truth. He only kept on teasing her about it...

So naughty!

These eyes can make anyone go crazy....
ah if only mslee is younger..hahahaha

These lips look so appetizing!
Hmm..I wonder what Yeon Doo thinks as she stared at his lips? What thougths running inside her chaotic mind?

Still she never found out. He told her o course, they did not kiss. Or maybe she wished they did!
Ah..chincha! Yeol is making her crazy!

Time to choose the leader for each team. Yeol decided to opt out for the position.

Soo Ah was chosen...

Yeol smiling like an idiot just remembering what almost happened between him and Yeon Doo. Only he knew what really happened. And looks like this is fun for him.

So... did he kiss her?

Again, when the opportunity is just a breath's away, the heroin had to fall asleep at the right moment!
Really! Seriously! This could happen?

Only in k-drama!

Media wanting to have a deal with teacher Tae Bum about the secrets happening in school...

Soo Ah got a bunch of class A cheerleaders to do stunts to help them in their choreography.

Dong Jae who has a touch problem is in Soo Ah's group. She asked him to leave the team but of course, he would not.

Meanwhile, Yeon Doo is having a hard time with the Baek Ho students in her group. They are not cooperating with her.

Hmm..this might be the start of a good friendship between Yeon Doo ana Ha Joon.

Talking about firing teacher Tae Bum...
The three students heard them talking about it.

They were caught , of course.

Yeon Doo is really concerned for her teacher. I love the relationship they have. It was like she found a new confidant, someone she can trust and like an older brother, perhaps, someone who will care for her with sincerity. That's why Yeon Doo thinks highly of him.

Yes, our girl is feisty! A great match for this principal!

But she was making Yeol concern about her...

Will she really go through with the interview?
It's kind of dangerous. She can really be expelled by the school.

Yeol trying to make her change her mind...

Even her mother was agitated by her actions. She could be doing the interview anytime soon.

Friendship goals, always for these two. Strawberry milk couple?
it's sweet to find a friend who will comfort you in times of troubles.

I guess Ha Joon's father will not be pleased with any news relating to Ha Joon.

Yes, he punched him. Yeon Doo witnessed it. Tried to stop it by yelling his name while hiding. But of course, it was not appreciated by Ha Joon knowing he was caught in an embarrassing situation being bullied by his own father.

But Yeon Doo has a good heart. She could not just let him be by himself. She wants to let him know she is a friend that cares. She gave him medicines for his bruise.

Which opened his heart  towards her.

Teacher never wants her to get involve.

I love this scene. So honest. 

Yeol  and Yeon Doo moments...

Just got to say this to her teacher...
he means a lot to her.

Something that the other two won't understand because of their greediness and wrong way of operating the school.

A touching scene..a revelation that really tugs the heart.

Will she really give an interview?

Although the story has a dark side that shows the struggles of young adults to cope up with life in their parent's point of view, this drama still makes it heart warming for viewers to see the friendship and sincerity towards one another despite the negativity. 

Will there be conflict between Ha Joon and Yeol regarding Yeon Doo being the girl that makes thier hearts flutter in some ways?

Soo Ah  just might need to reflect more. She is so weak she can't handle truth even if it already wavering her heart and mind. She will have it bad if she does not resolve her issues soon.

Will she regret before she stop her schemes and be strong enough to make a change for the better?


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