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Friday, November 6, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF Cheer Up Episode 6 Highlights

When someone believes in you, enemies don't matter. I think this episode is another heart warming story where Yeon Doo tried her best to let Teacher Tae Bum know he is not alone.

Although acting against the school's warning of not doing an interview that might put the school under scrutiny for doing something the Education office is prohibiting [like the specs for Soo Ah], still Yeon Doo met with the reporters. She would not stay still until she has not aired her thoughts anyway because deep inside this is the right thing to do for her.

Well, if there is an injustice being done, of course, one should always tell about it. In this case, it is not really injustice but favoring much the students who are wanting to excel even if the path is a bit underhand.

Yeon Doo hesitantly and anxiously went inside the van. For what she has divulged it was not shown but basically it should be about the specs they were doing in connection with the cheer dance.

Yeol and Ha Joon knew it was not a bad idea but still, they want to protect Yeo Doo in case she would be named as the whistle blower when this interview blows up in the media. The two BFF somewhat threatened the reporters about it.

Slowly, Ha Joon and Yeon are getting closer. Yeon Doo has broken down his wall. She makes him comfortable with her even if he seems not to like it. In the end he just could not resist her charm. He is as concerned towards their teacher as she is.

But the awaited news special about the interview Tae Bum did was not aired. Somehow, one of the upper ranking official in the media where the reporter is working told him to wrap up his work and focus on other things. It is so obvious that someone blocked it.

While these two continue to find ways of getting at Tae Bum. They feel threatened by his presence in school.

Of course, Yeon Doo would be unhappy at the turn of events after all her efforts and bravery. 

Presentation of the cheer dance in front of teacher Nam Jung Ah...

to see whose team did great. Overall, both teams are good but because Dong Jae did not participate because of his problem about touching people, Yeon Doo's team won and she was chosen to be the overall leader.

Soo Ah is becoming scary...
Her manipulating minds are being triggered because of so much pressure from her mother and the expectation that she must meet. Teacher Tae Bum is currently one of the hindrance in front of her goals because he acted on that interview of revealing what the school is doing to help her. 

This is what is scary..that Soo Ah never realizes her thoughts would be something that is harmful to others like teacher Tae Bum. Her focus is solely on her ambition.

The moment Soo Ah got her opportunity...
it was at the expense of another classmate and of course, Tae Bum.
A simple touch that was supposed to protect the cheer dancer from being harmed was blown up to be sexual harassment case. Soo Ah wanted to teach him a lesson or even humiliate him so he will be forced to lie low and have other problems rather than seemingly taking too much interest in the specs. But all this resulted to a big case and the only solution is for him to be fired out or he quit.

Soo Ah's manipulation...

Parents and Tae Bum

Students knowing about the false charge...

Yeol's concern. Well, he is too smart for Soo Ah's schemes. He can see right through her. He defends his teacher.

Always, Yeol caught on her. But od course, she would not admit.

Yeol doing this because he is also concerned for Yeo Doo.
Ah..this is clearly love!
Hmmm...have they both realized it yet?

Love the warm relationship between Yeo Doo and Teacher Tae Bum. The friendship is so sincere. She makes him feel not alone. She gives him strength in her own little ways.

Because of the issue about the sexual harassment, students and other teachers and employees are distancing themselves from hi. At the cafeteria, no one wants to sit with him. Yeon Doo and Dong Jae arrived cheerfully and sat with him Then Yeol and Ha Joon followed. They were showing him their full support and how they believe in him.

At the committee investigation...

Jae young appeared and even Tae Bum gave her courage to speak, though against him. He apologized. He said he will quit on his own.

But the truth was that this girl is already regretting her accusations. She told her mother the truth and that all were lies but because the reality some wealthy families are hypocrites and in this case she is more concerned of what will happen if her daughter retracted her statements.

The two girls were not happy of the result of their lies. They blamed Soo Ah for making them do it. They are so guilty about Tae Bum.

With Soo Ah, however she may feel guilty, she is not strong to admit her wrongs. She is too weak, more afraid of the repercussions of her own doing.

Ji Soo found out that the man behind why the news special was not aired was his father. He was so mad he felt helpless and hopeless.

Yeon Doo's mother visited her at the dorm. Yeol saw them.

Guess the mother was impressed of Yeol's personality. Not realizing he is the son of her boyfriend.

this is going to be fun but at the same time, worrying knowing the custom of Koreans when it comes to this kind of relationships. Who will give in? Or will they just let it happen in the family if the two families become one.

Yeon Doo gave teacher Tae Bum an invitation to their dance presentation. He should not miss it.

It's not too late to correct what has been done wrong....

The day of the dance...

These two are so cute. Nervous Yeon Doo with Yeol before the presentation.
Oh, I love this vanilla milk. hahaha... got to be different from Dong Jae's strawberry milk, huh?
He is just way too adorable.

Yeol is making his feelings known.
Seriously writernim, I love your style!
No beating around the bush.

And Yeol is quick to act on his feelings!

The tight hug!

Hyo Sik just came at the wrong time!
The two got busted!


they are looking for teacher Tae Bum who came.

the performance

towards the end...

placards were flipped to tell them they lied about teacher Bum.

Friendship is getting stronger. Yeon Doo is finally leading the team as one except for Soo Ah.

The story is getting better each time.


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