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Friday, November 6, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Glamorous Temptation Screen caps Episode 6 and Highlights

From previous episode Eun Soo was being dragged outside of the house after being slapped by the wife of Kang Il Do. The woman was provoked by her sister-in-law, Kang Il Ran about wearing the same dress Eun Soo is wearing. Il Ran was being spiteful and humiliating in front of other maids. I am not sure why she hates her sister-in-law, but because of their feud, Eun Soo who was apologetic the whole time and in her own way defending Lee Se Young [sister-in-law] got caught up in the situation.

This scene was witnessed by both Il Joo and her father the Prime Minister or the elder. Eun Soo was then wearing a pair of eye glasses and when she was dragged, her eye glasses fell on the floor and was stepped on. 

Il Joo realized that Eun Soo was applying to be a maid in their house. This was really the first time she saw her after her wedding. Actually, it was not clear if she saw her then.

It brought back memories. Yes the sewing machine is still in her possession. The precious thing she seemed to be cherishing even if it was not given to her by Hyung Woo. I think she has not told Hyung Woo about the sewing machine.

Can I say that this is a selfish act and definitely greed on Il Joo's part.

Eun Soo really needs to go back to that house. It was a task she has to do to find out if what the anonymous caller told her was true about her husband's death.

Meanwhile, Il Joo and Hyung Woo are talking about the possibility of her brother having the support of her father. Il Joo is anxious of how that happened when she knows from the start that her father favored her. Even Hyung Woo is pushing her to Presidency.

Meeting after 15 years...

Il Joo met Eun Soo finally. It could be sincere in her part meeting Eun Soo and it might be true that she missed her being the only friend she had back then. But perhaps the sincerity could be doused by her jealousy knowing Eun Soo appeared after all these years. Even back then, Il Joo [Sang Yi] had this notion that she loved Hyung Woo first and she was the one betrayed by Eun Soo when in fact she already know the relationship of the two that's why she confessed her feelings to young Eun Soo knowing she was a kind soul. Just to make it appear Eun Soo was the scheming one and the one who came between her and Hyung Woo.

I could not trust her knowing her manipulating heart.

But I would give her the benefit of the doubt about missing her because perhaps guilt is always lurking in the corner of her heart to what happened to Eun Soo after that incident where the congressman died.

They talked. Il Joo asked about her. Eun Soo told her about her husband and her daughter. She also asked Il Joo to help her work at their house as maid. This of course was not a favor that Il Joo wanted to give but Eun Soo begged her for her daughter.

The elder has already remembered who Eun Soo is...

and it was kind of puzzling why this woman appeared again in their lives. 

Eun Soo startes her work in the Prime Minister's house.

See? Il Joo was really making me want to hate her. 
Double faced.

But this is the interesting part why the elder let Eun Soo be a part of the household as maid. He is still interested in knowing how the documents were found in her bag.

Yes, I hope you found out, Prime Minister.

Il Joo got the sewing machine out of her hidden vault and inside were the documents she has. They were the original copies that were being searched in the past because Eun Soo got only the duplicate copies. All these time, Il Joo was holding on to these, maybe still trying to decode what's written.

Yes, they are slush funds but where are this money hidden?

Hyung Woo still running errands for the elder. He is in charge of the slush funds. He is doing it to find out the identity of Blue Beauty. He and his mother were working to get revenge, to expose the money and the true owner who is the Prime Minister. But their investigation and searching and evidence are not yet accurate.

The time to cross path inside the house...

I know this is awkward and even a but painful for Eun Soo not to be greeted by Hyung Woo as if she is a stranger. 

Where was the young boy who used to follow her and promise her protection? They did parted in an unpleasant way  not because they did something wrong to each other or that they were not in love anymore then, but still, he seemed not pleasant to see her.

As if she was at fault the whole time. As if she was nothing to him back then.

As for Hyung Woo's mother, it was no surprise that she was not liking seeing her again. She blamed Eun Soo for the things she herself had triggered in the first place that's why her husband died.

Another maid was amazed at how Eun Soo was back after having a dispute with the wife of Il Do. She cautioned Eun Soo about the wife.

Even if Il Joo has been married off to another man, the elder continuous to suspect Hyung Woo of his motive. The elder is skeptical of Hyung Woo. Maybe the elder knew that Hyung Woo might not really love his daughter but using her for his own agenda.

Il Joo went to see Eun Soo at her house.
She tried to give her money so she will stop working at their house. But Eun Soo never accepted it.

Eun Soo talks about her husband and how he died. Il Joo talks of Hyung Woo. It was a way to see if Eun Soo is still a rival. Of course, Eun Soo would tell her that it has been a long time and she is now a mother. This somehow ease Ol Joo's mind. Or did it?

Because she knew deep inside that Hyung Woo loved Eun Soo so much, Eun Soo will always be a threat to her.

Another scheming character.

I can understand that she came from a poor family and married into a wealthy and influential family like the Prime Minister's son. But trying to act like she is above those who are beneath her now is why Il Ran is disgusted with her.

And now she is definitely scheming something to get back at Eun Soo.

For a whining and spoiled character like Il Ran, why do I like her?

Yes she can be a pain, she can be a snob, but I think treated Eun Soo in a just manner. I don't care if she treats her as her master because she really is. Il Ran maybe using Eun Soo to upset and humiliate Se Young more, but at least she is not a fake.

She says what she wants to say.

Beware of fake smiles...

and suspecting psycho!

Kwon Moo Hyuk is a scary man. His temper is really frightening. 

Maybe his obsession over Il Joo makes him crazy.

Just like what he did to the poor man inside the rest room where he beat the crap out of him just because he spoke insulting words to Il Joo with his date.

The envious maids

or maybe they were asked by Se Young to make Eun Soo's life hard. They picked on her.

The elder saw the scene

and it was like a deja vu'.

A flashback from the past with Il Joo's mother...
The congressman then was being ridiculed and ousted from his office because of her.

 Time to meet and talk...

So maybe she reminds him of a bitter past or that Eun Soo may be a hindrance to his agenda now which made him spoke of harsh words to her.

Still, no matter what the reasons, it was heart breaking to see him acting this way to her. Where was the sweet Hyung Woo? It is not enough that Eun Soo remained a pathetic soul after all these years, never had the chance to make a better life for herself and this meeting with him is enough to make her feel small.

Why make her feel even more pathetic? Why make her feel more pityful?

Who wants to see their ex in this situation?

I can't help but be hurt for her character. It was not as if she wanted what happened to her life. It was not as if she was also a victim of the past. It was not as if she did not suffer all these years after that incident.

Il Do wanted Hyung Woo to work for him.

Eun Soo tries to search for the book every chance she has.

A man in a motorcycle....

A suspicious meeting...
exchanging bags.

A fight to uncover the identity of the man following their hideous movements.

The man with a helmet got stabbed. But he got away safely not identified.

I wonder where the story will lead.

The Prime Minister is acting different when he sees Eun Soo. He found her eating bibimbap and he actually tried eating too with her.

So she does reminds him of Il Joo's mother.

Something about Eun Soo makes him remember his past. He actually longed for Il Joo's mother. Well she was the one he loved truly.

Who was hurt, then?

Hyung Woo was the man stabbed. He was bleeding. Eun Soo found him in the streets in pain.

The car which Hyung Woo followed was passing by.

He must not be caught. Or else his agenda will be uncovered.

He used Eun Soo to shield him from the passing car.


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