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Sunday, November 1, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] She Was Pretty Episode 11 Screen caps and Highlights

The moment of truth. But knowing hurts. 
It was a combination of disappointments because one was lied to and the other was not given the chance to make it right before it was too late.

For these two persons involved, this scenario was a mixture of many feelings that none are pleasant.

I feel Ha Ri and her frustrations for not being able to convey her sincerity. It was as if her mistake was unforgivable. 

On the way home, Sung Joon realized all along who Hye Jin is. Actually, it is his mistake for not knowing her sooner.

Can I just say that it was because he never looked beyond her physical aspect. Ah this is really maddening for me because it was as much his fault as Ha Ri who was only dragged into this mess that he did not actually recognize Hye Jin at first sight. 

If only Hye Jin's heart is not towards Sung Joon. If only she can see Shin Hyuk in front of her. But the moment he calls, even if Shin Hyuk asked her to stay...

...she said sorry to him. 
How many times will the writer make me cry for Shin Hyuk?
Yes, mslee1107 has stayed loyal to Shin Hyuk despite knowing he won't get the girl in the end.
Just maybe, crossing fingers here that a twist will be possible to achieve that. lol!

Hye Jin rans towards Sung Joon, to where he is.

The time to meet as Hye Jin and Sung Joon came. This time, they knew who they are. 

Hye Jin found out that Ha Ri was not able to say anything to Sung Joon. After all the things that happened behind her, Hye Jin was still concerned for Ha Ri. Yes, she does understand Ha Ri and she knew it was as much her fault as hers.

I love their friendship! She's sorry to Hye Jin. 

But of course, what happened that night was not as easy to deal with as Hye Jin thought. Ha Ri seemed to be suffering inside and wanting to put distance from her. It's understandable, Ha Ri is also hurt. She developed a deeper feelings towards Sung Joon. 

Ha Ri needs time to heal. From all that happened between her and Sung Joon. Her guilt is also adding to her emotions.

Making her mind blank, acting weird in front of Hye Jin while pretending to be okay.

A fresh start...

But Hye Jin decided to put a wall between them even before they start anything. It was because of Ha Ri. She does not want to be happy with him when she knows Ha Ri is suffering alone. And this confuses Sung Joon.

Meanwhile, Hye Jin is also treating Shin Hyuk differently than before. She gave him money for the hospital bill when he git hurt. For Shin Hyuk, this is more like a bit offensive than the wound he got. He gave back the money.

A flashback...
Something to ponder about, Sung Joon?

Hye Jin is keeping her distance...
acting as subordinate to him as the deputy chief editor

I tink Shin Hyuk is getting bored now that Hye Jin has changed and clearly, her heart he can not get.

Hye Jin tried to talk with Ha Ri that led to a petty fight. She wants a break from everything that happened. She wants to go away. But Hye Jin told her it was her who should leave knowing it was not her place.

Sung Joon appeared suddenly at her home...

Ha Ri met her mother...

The reason why she is acting that way...

Ha Ri like him.

Shin Hyuk not coming to the office...

Sung Joon looking for Shin Hyuk...

He needs Shin Hyuk

Ha Ri missing...

Ha Ri leaving...
Hye Jin remembered how Ha Ri was when they were younger. She has always been her good friend.

And it pains her to know Ha Ri is leaving with a heavy heart. She loves her. She loves her friend.

A story of friendship. A story of love. In pursuit of love two people have felt the pain of not being the one.

I hope Ha Ri and Hye Jin will always be friends and that they will overcome this pain that is happening right now. Just as Shin Hyuk will stop hurting and continue to be the fun and lovable character in the series.


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