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Monday, October 2, 2017

[GIF] Man Who Sets The Table episode 3 - Tae Yang & Ru Ri Moments

He was supposed to see her off at the airport but for some reasons he decided to take her to a magic show first. Perhaps so she will have happy memories before departing.

He gives her advises. 

Be confident and to have faith in herself.
That she can also do it...whatever she wants to.

After he went doing groceries...
he was surprised to see her sleeping waiting outside his place.
She is back.

And she wants to stay in his home.
For the time being.

He cooked for her...

He told her where to sleep..
but by some accident she found her way on his bed and laid down there.

She was hot.

And restless...


he  felt the heat

But then he saw her face and knew something was wrong with her.

Her allergy attacked because of what she ate.
She felt itchy!

She has to test if her friend's theory is right..
that he is into her...

because she is already tensed and conscious of him...

mere touch of his hand made her still..her thoughts in chaos.

the bridge scene
i love these moments.

He was noticing her finally and seemingly affected by her charm.

That was sudden and unexpected..the flower behind her ears.
where did he get that I wonder?
But then it added romance in the scene.

She is simply beautiful.
Is he falling for her already???

Now is the time to test the theory...
Is he attracted to her?
Will she make the first move?

She slowly touched his hand...

she made the first move...
she kissed him!

and he kissed her back!

that moment was meant for them to kiss...
they have been wondering about it...
i'm sure of it.


it was sweet and gentle and awkward and nice...

the moment is romantic ...

 until she saw her father!




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