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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

[screencaps] Man Who Sets The Table episodes 4 and 5

whatever explanations they told him he just won't listen
he can not forgive his daughter for lying about the job and seeing her with this young man

the painful part of all this mess is that Tae Yang was not sure of his feelings for her
to him it was a fleeting moment

she will go with her feelings hurt
maybe she will regret this too

i think he just made the wrong answer
he maybe scared?

because of what happen in Guam he took his anger to his wife

i pity this girl for the coldness she receives from her husband...

mother and son reumion

but then he is not happy to laid eyes on her again after what she did to his brother and sister-in-law
they died because of this woman's selfishness

but she wants something from him..
to work for her
but she was rejected

Ru Ri's father had a mild stroke...

back in Guam
Tae Yang realized he made a mistake
he missed Ru Ri

she became a confidant...somehow?

The son looking after his father...

she wants to have a baby
she was again rejected

how humiliating is that?

mother-in-law meddling in...

Ru Ri trying to earn his father's trust...

these two decided to go back to Seoul
enter a competition is only second to his real agenda
which is to look for Ru Ri

on the way to Seoul...
seems happy already

she is being given a second chance to prove herself worthy of being his daughter

to abide by her promise to him

what she has is strong will power and positive attitude which makes her personality likable in the circumstances
she knew it is a one sided love and she has to work hard to earn his love

the getaway of this couple

but feels awkward

family reunion
full of brotherly romance

reunion of friends...

she has to deny her feelings of course after what happened in Guam and how she parted ways with him
not knowing he is now back in Korea

happy atmosphere with Tae Yang's family

the unexpected show of an ex husband wanting money from her as a bribe 

the unexpected meeting
she does not know that she was o assist him in the competition

he learned of her friend's manipulation..lol

evil villain planning something to make Tae Yang not make it to the competition

he was pushed down the stairs by the assistant

good thing she found him
hurt of course

but not planning on quitting...

she made it to the blind date instead of Ru Ri

his ability as a chef is outstanding even if he was hurt

at the hospital...

glad they ended the episode with this hug..

at least now she knew her feelings are reciprocated..
will she forgive him?

ooppss but she promised her father!

now that is a dilemma...


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