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Saturday, October 7, 2017

[screencaps] Man Who Sets The Table episode 7

highlights of the episode...

The CEO is Jung Tae's father. What else happened with him and his mother is not yet known. The contest started but the madame villain lets her assistant to lock Jung Tae inside the refrigerator.

The daughter in law can't tell her father in law that she is not pregnant.

Jung Tae and Ru Ri went back to the company and insisted on seeing the CEO. They brought him foods that Jung Tae prepared. It's all about what the CEO must have missed eating during the entire time he lives abroad.

The CEO was touched and remembered how Jyng Tae also did the same thing in Indonesia when he felt ill and Jung Tae cooked for him. He then tell his secretary that these two will be working in the company.

Ending scene is about trying to find out the apartment where supposedly Ru Ri has been meeting her blind date. Will her father finally finds out her lies about dating?

screen caps below...

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