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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

[GIF] Temperature of Love episode 3

The drama is slowly but surely addictive. The pace is slow but for me it is not boring. 
But I am yet to write my thoughts on the story and the characters and how each connects with one another.
I am still lazy to analyse the development of the characters.😊

So here I'l just share gif moments and throw some thoughts.
Actually I love the episode. The romance is slowly burning and making me hooked. I am definitely on team On Jung Sun. He may be young but chincha... he is adorable.

Jung Sun is acting cute here..maybe wanting to be funny to make her feel good.After she lost the competition the last thing she needed was to mop around. She needs to let go and forget her disappointments.

Next morning..

Hyun Soo had enough of her bratty sister! She pulled her hair, not caring if people stared at them.

The only thing that made her embarrassed was when Jung Sun appeared and saw her in this mess.

Yup..too embarrassing!

Park Jung Woo introduced himself to Jung Sun. He is scouting this talented chef to work for him but for now he is being rejected. But I am loving the bromance here. The atmosphere is light and nice between these two namja.

So the producer is having a conflict with the senior writer who is being stubborn. I think Hyun Soo will be treated as the enemy here. She and the producer have the same style and understanding of what and how the script should be written.

Hyun Soo feels uncomfortable with her sunbae. And the writer seems a bit cold towards her.

Hong A knows how to say  the right things. Her personality is cheerful on the outside..
but I wonder if she is as good and nice as she seems to be.

Looks like the friendship is really sincere. 
Love that they are having a good time hanging out with each other.

Hyun Soo and Jung Sun met again.
I love that they are talking casually and comfortably.
I love that she is a realistic person.
Asking him about his salary. lol.

[Well.. a mature woman not only thinks of romance, she also thinks how the romance can survive without worries when it comes to finance.]

What I like about their moment is that they can talk personal stuff. It was as if 
there is no wall between them. And he acts mature. She sees him as an equal. I guess she feels comfortable because she thinks she has control of the situation being the older one but somehow she really listens to him. 

I am really looking forward to their romantic progress. 

I wonder where my thoughts are..seriously! I am at a loss for words. mianhae.πŸ˜…I can't seem to connect my thoughts on the drama so please bear with my posts.


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