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Monday, October 2, 2017

(Screencaps) Man Who Sets The Table episode 2

She was crying for him😝
She thought he lost his ability to procreate.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Rumor has been going around..
Well she learned it through her friend..

But it is not true.
Still..he let her believed otherwise.
Perhaps to punish her more.
It seems funny to him though seeing her cry and concerned for him.

She will assist the visitors to make him believe she is sincere and wants badly to stay and work.

Who are they? 

Preparing for a wedding proposal.
The nerve!!!

But she was being blackmailed to help him and if not..
Her father will know what job she has.

The son trying to fux his parents marriage.
He does not understand his mother.
It is because he is like his father.

The in laws already knew about the impending marriage graduation.
He is being given an advise.
To grovel if needs be.

Eating together is not a solution though. She remembers the past.
She remembers how he embarrased her with her sincerity..
With her anticipation in eating with her husband.
In making her feel less if a woman.
Of not wanting her as a wife.

These two are a perfect example of a happy couple. Even if the girl is not her daughter, not his also but his brother's...
They are willing to treat her like family and love her equally.

The event...

But something happened to the expensive dress of this woman who stole her boyfriend.

Clearly a sabotage to make Ru Ri the culprit!

The event turned into a fight.
Everyone fought.

Caught by the GM.

The ending...
Ru Ri's appa could not let go of his wife. He was forcing her into submission ..
Into a kiss.



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