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Friday, October 6, 2017

(Screencaps) My Golden Life ep 2 Highlights

My Golden Life Highlights on episode 2

Finally, I got time to watch episode 2 of this drama. It took me a while but yesterday I got time to download 2 episodes [2&3] but has yet to watch the latter episode. Anyway, from what I remembered in the pilot episode, a mother lost her child 25 years ago and suddenly an unknown stranger called her about her daughter still alive and sent her a matched DNA that will prove that this claim is valid and true. Meanwhile a twin whose names are Ji An and Ji Soo lived with their parents in a humble home with 2 other siblings. Of the two, Ji An is the hard worker, ironically a trainee in Haesung company, the one owned and  lost a daughter. The son of Haesung, Do Kyung had a chance meeting or more fit, an accident with Ji An when she accidentally hit his car and put damage on the car’s bumper which costs the earth. They had an agreement that she will pay around 5000 dollars.

Now on episode 2…
Ji An is working hard as usual. Her superiors have always been positive in telling her that soon she will be accepted as permanent employee whenever she was being asked to do more work. She has high hopes that she will of course and does not care what others talk behind her back. But then a long time friend of her suddenly appeared at the announcement and was told that she got the job! Everyone in the room was surprised most especially Ji An who can not quite decipher what she heard. She met with friend recently.. [yesterday?] and this friend did not tell her anything about it. Now she realized that all along this friend is some kind of a two faced. She belongs to a well off family and she wants to rub it off to Ji An how she can get the job while Ji An sweat it off and still incapable of doing it. She is a jealous person and annoyed that all this time Ji An does not seem to show insecurity in front of her. Her ego is so high she wants to see Ji An beg her for this opportunity to get her position. But Ji An grew up to be feisty and her self esteem is good. She will never resort to begging or even feel inferior in front of this immature friend of hers. It turns out that a cat fight happened. Both bruised and pulled hairs. They ended up in a police station but Ji An is not apologizing for what she had done.

As for Do Kyung, he is waiting for Ji An to pay him the amount they agreed on but no words comng from her. Her mobile phone is off. He did not know how Ji An was nursing her bruised ego that the company had trampled on. She worked hard for them but she got nothing. Even her things were packed and ready waiting for her. She felt indignant and sad and broken. Her family knew somehow that she would not get the job but still waited for her call. Her siblings all waited on her return home but she only went to her mother’s room and told about it.

The unrequited love continues for Ji Soo but still nervous about confessing. She waited for the right moment but still lose confidence. The only thing she was able to do was snatched his phone and store her number in it. These two did not even know that they have one person in common, Ji An. The irony.. he is into Ji An while she is into him. I wonder what will she feel realizing that moment. Ji Soo also had a meeting with Do Kyung. She thought he was the one who did something bad to her sister. But then she was told that Ji An owed him money and explained how the car accident happened.

The revelation..
Her daughter is Ji An. It was blurted out after denying and telling that Ji An and Ji Soo are twins. Truth were finally revealed.

So..Ji An and Do Kyung are siblings?

Some more screencaps..

and Do Kyung and Ji Soo interaction..

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