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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

[GIF] Temperature of Love episode 4

always clumsy...
but is she only this way when she is with him?

i think this is truly..
FLIRTING moment!😍

he does not have a mobile phone but he is asking for her number.
she on the other hand is testing him?
but she is not an easy one conquer..lol.

writernim and pdnim are very generous with these long eye stares between these two!
can't help but smile watching this scenes.😁😁😁

finally she gave in to temptation!
she asked for a day off...

and so they went on a trip..
just the two of them.
i think this categorize as DATING..right?😍😍😍

the cliches' on kdramaland

1. riding the bus together...

2. sightseeing...

3. walking on the fields..
i love this scene.
suddenly it reminded me of Love Affair movie with Annette Bening and Warren Beatty.
[a favorite]

she tripped!
for how many times already since meeting him...

and he got to hold her hands.😜

chow time...
smelling the food before indulging on the taste...
is that how a chef really eats?

somehow they found themselves on an internet cafe because there is no trip back to Seoul. 
drivers are on strike. .
they have to reserve tickets to ride a train...
and then he checked his mails...

he was waiting for a response concerning his work abroad
and she was thoughtful after learning this..
he will go away anytime soon!

because the moment is so romantic...
thank you writernim and pdnim for this

i made lots of gif😝😝😝

the prelude to first kiss

he may be younger but he surely is a man

and he will be acting his age...
a man who is liking this woman in front of him

he even tell her to avoid his kiss
if she does not want to be kissed

putting the burden on her!

will she or will she not

avoid that is...

no she did not avoid the kiss

she anticipated the kiss

well..this is actually something that will happen after their day out..
just waiting for the right moment to happen...

and he leaned for that second kiss...

more intimate?

back at home where his mother arrived unexpectedly...

not welcoming her though...

the day that filled her with happiness
became the reason why she was fired from work..

well.. i think the writer is only using her day off as an excuse to sack her.

she was really down and the one person she wants to see...
Jung Sun...πŸ’•

just like him when he feels suffocated with her mother...
he wants to see Hyun Soo.πŸ’•

i think this shows how they have built that connection.
only a partner can understand what one is going through especially in hard times.
a person wants to be with the one he or she loves in times like this.

Is it love already?



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