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Sunday, October 1, 2017

[screencaps] Temperature of Love episode 1


Lee Hyun Soo

she was contemplating something while on the other side of the mall, an on going filming was taking place.

the chef

the actor

the director

Lee Hyun Soo finally went to see the director. She was angry.
the reason: her script was being disregarded

writer and director exchanging heated words

the chef butt in..

On Jung Sun

apparently the chef was her first love

flashback from the past

a writer that tries everything to feel the character
even if she has to be detained in prison

Lee Hyun Soo and her friend who is also a writer, Ji Hong A

Hong A and Jung Sun are friends...

Jung Sun's mother

the writer
Hyun Soo's sunbae

she seems the favorite among the assistant writer but her fellow writers are picking on her

Kim Joon Ha

the second man who will enter Hyun Soo's life, Park Jung Woo
a businessman
personally I like him coz he is more manly and older than Hyun Soo but Jung Sun has his own charm as well

first chanced meeting
but only Jung Sun saw her

the sisters
the "evil dongsaeng"
😈Lee Hyun Yi

always nagging to Hyun Soo

the third friend, a doctor but loves cooking
Choi Won Joon

they finally met

she could not catch up
she is also not good with directions

Jung Sun decided to look for her...

episode 1 [30 min.] 


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