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Sunday, October 1, 2017

[screencaps] Temperature of Love episode 2

 after searching for her which took up a lot of time..
finally he found her.

she was startled!

i love the way he stared at her..
i think at this time i have felt the chemistry between them
though I really felt he is younger
and he is
he looks cute and totally mesmerized by her.

they started to run back where their friends are...

and they continue to talk
but looks like banter to me...
maybe she was a bit perplexed by his personality
coz he is a straightforward young man.

they stopped for awhile...

the kind of moment where usually romance seeps in...

and of course her writer's imagination was running high..trying to build scenarios in her head...

oh yeah..keep on staring at her

he asked her if she would date him?

that was fast!

but she tried to be the sane one...
perhaps making excuses..
perhaps not wanting to entertain the idea that she might be attracted to him also

that was a witty response coming from this young man who is sincere with his feelings!

but she stayed firm in her not wanting to succumbed to his confession

and that was how their moment was interrupted and come to pass
their friends appeared...

back at the office...

and i thought she was the favorite of the senior writer...

but it seems not

Park Jung Woo at the restaurant where Jung Sun is working..

he liked what was served to him

one of the assistant writer got a call..seems her work has been chosen from the competition
a pity Hyun Soo's work is still lacking...

Hong A is also trying to get in the competition...
but her concern is towards Hyun Soo who was not able to pass
she wants to cheer Hyun Soo so she will not be sad


she is being scouted to work at Park Jung Woo's office

can i just say that these two have their own brand of chemistry as well...

meet up with Hong A

but this is not the kind of place whre Hyun Soo wants to eat...

so they both went to a cheaper place..at one of the roadside restaurant...

was this a coincidence?

and so they met again
she a little bit tipsy

she must have been shy
she tried to walk away

but ended up walking with him

but what they have is something more than strangers turned acquaintances..
they do talk when they are together
and seems she can tell him what's on her mind

and he listens very well

she wanted badly to be a writer
someone who is successful
she even will dance if she was chosen in the competition
that's why she was sad
seems her dreams are not coming true

Jung Sun knew how to make her smile..
he brought her to a place where he said she can dance

Hyun Soo whose feet started to take a step..

maybe towards him

I love this moment.
simply beautiful
two souls found each other
he can make her happy in simple ways..

and this is another moment to remember by!

episode 2 [30min]


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